Classics suited for 21st century

These classic designs have become the archetypes of the electric guitar.

The BRUG copies have incorporated modern standards, such as the elimination of visible plastic and assembly materials such as nuts, screws and bolts from the front of the guitar.

Also, the pickups used are silent versions from Dimarzio, Kinman, Joe Barden and other modern pickup manufacturers. There is no need for hum. There is no need to copy 1950’s electronic standards. Pickups have become more versatile, quieter, more dynamic since then. All knowledge from that era has been preserved, and new technologies have been added. As long as you select pickups that do not pretend to be true copies of the old ones, up to the wooden spacer inside the pickup. Don’t be fooled by hot air and false pretense.

The carved top T-version guitar has a Dimarzio bridge pickup and a Joe Barden neck pickup, as well as a Shadow NanoMag active acoustic system. The Stetsbar bridge is the best vibrato system available with smooth action and precise return to the original position. The tune-o-matic bridge moves together with the vibrato so a roller bridge is not necessary. We also pot-wax the bridge after intonation to eliminate buzz. This is a simple but highly effective method; it is also reversible.

The S-version has a set of Dimarzio Virtual Vintage pickups, with a Super-Vee Bladerunner tremolo and a Dirckson Tremsetter. The only visible screws are those holding the traditional jack plate. All pickguard material has been banned from the top. Only limited use of it on the back. The new models will have even less.

Prices start at €1600. All options are negotiable.