Duvetti Table Top Palm Pedal Steel Guitar


The Duvetti is a table top steel guitar with built in 3.5 Watt HiQ amplifier. The sound ranges from ultra clean to heavily distorted. The Duesenberg Multibender makes pedal steel variations possible, yet it’s easy to learn for guitarists. Unlike other lap steels, it features playable frets, so chord variations do not require a mathematics degree or years of training. The 6” speaker is LOUD. Pre- and post- signal loops allow effect pedals to be inserted, connection to external amps or a mixing desk. The power amp has a separate volume control.

The built in battery lasts for at least 6 hours. This device can be used for gigs, busking or home practice. It is a new, hybrid instrument capable of new musical expression. Since the amp and speaker are built in, it acts as an acoustic instrument which interacts with the amp. Country style steel guitar, blues slide playing or a mixture, anything possible. The shown model has a built in, switchable overdrive. The pickup is a Shadow 80 Alnico neck humbucker, connected in parallel to achieve the single coil sound steel players crave for.

The solid 6mm Bubinga exterior has a RubioMonocoat oil finish, giving it a satin look. Other wood options include walnut and rosewood.


Price starts at €1650 for a single preamp, two-lever multibender model.