Headless Guitars

As with all BRUG guitars, the headless uses only the best materials:

-JCustom XS-bridge

-Hand made necks, Moses Graphite necks (shown) or Vox Humana Graphite reinforced necks

-Choice of pickups. Pickups shown: Shadow Bridge 60, Dimarzio VV silent single coils

-All nuts, screws and bolts are hidden as much as possible. This is not the 1950’s.

-Hi tech RubioMonocoat oil finish. Laquer finish available at no additional cost.


Options include:

Swirl finish, Shadow NanoMag active acoustic system.


Prices starting at €1600

Soon to come:

new models containing BRUG headless headpiece, allowing the use of non-headless fine tuning tremolos

such as Floyd Rose and Kahler tremolos.